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Putting families first, including yours.

Stronger Together

Who We Are

Our family is a proud and motivated group of individuals who truly understand and care about the families we support. We all have been or currently are patients, caregivers and supporters. I am proud of our company's culture, and our wide diversity in backgrounds coming together under a north star and common mission. We recognize that now more than ever there is nothing more important than family and community. Families First!

~ Jaden Risner, CEO


Our Founders

Jaden Risner
Jaden Risner, Co-Founder & CEO

Jaden is a graduate of the Naval Academy, UCSD MBA, and Naval Aviator for over 12 years. Under his leadership, he helped hospitalized Navy Sailors expand their support networks while away from their families. The vision for Family Proud was strengthened after his own mother suffered a heart attack, and he faced the struggle of providing long-distance care.

Clay Treska
Clay Treska, Co-Founder & CSO

Clay is a two-time cancer survivor, driven patient advocate and healthcare executive. With a focus in clinical oncology, business and financial planning, he is also a proud veteran of the Marine Corps, Ironman, and UCSD MBA. Clay is passionate about sharing his patient journey in hopes of helping and inspiring others.

Our Team and their Proudest Moments

Trevor Prophet
Trevor Prophet

Business Operations

Navy Veteran and most proud of founding and operating the Baltimore mobile auto detailing business where I hired inner-city high school students following the Freddie Gray unrests.

Kris Triplett
Kris Triplett

Chief Technology Officer

USMC Veteran, proud father and enjoy watching my children grow into responsible, happy people.

Lauren Kelley
Lauren Kelley

Family Liaison Director & Marketing

My greatest accomplishment is overcoming a major health diagnosis as a young girl and learning how to navigate life thereafter with low vision. My goal is to empathize with and help those who are facing similar circumstances.

Steph Huynh
Steph Huynh

Software Engineer

My greatest accomplishment is learning how to code. I now work my dream job for an amazing startup and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Leeland Clenista
Leeland Clenista

Software Engineering Manager

My greatest accomplishment is building production apps from the ground up in full-stack development and being a proud puppy parent.

Lexius Waltar
Lexius Waltar

Marketing & Communications

My greatest accomplishment was graduating from UC San Diego. As the first person in my immediate family to go to University, it was an amazing accomplishment for myself and my family and has allowed me to pave the way for my siblings.


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