April 3, 2023

April Newsletter

Coming Soon!!!

Here at Family Proud, we pride ourselves on being a platform designed for care. However, our support to caregivers and families is not limited to the mobile app.Enter the Family Proud Liaison! We want to understand how we can support our community better through this exciting new program. With a Family Proud Liaison, you can connect directly for support  navigating the Family Proud platform, creating your Care Circle, recommending trusted outside resources and services to meet your needs, connecting you with others facing similar circumstances, and bringing your feedback and suggestions directly to the platform.Stay tuned this April for the official launch of the Family Proud Liaison Program as we continue our mission to support as many families as possible!

New Accomplishments!

Family Proud was recently sponsored by the National Institute of Health (NIH) to participate in a 10 week Application Assistance Program providing customized proposal preparation and submission assistance for our Phase 1 SBIR submission on April 5. The Eva Garland Consulting group met weekly with our team, facilitated introductions to NIH leaders and entrepreneurs in residence, and provided all around support to enable our team to submit two Phase 1 SBIR proposals. Our continued partnership with the NIH is creating amazing opportunities!

Community Inspiration

Caregiver Networks Club is your “ONE STOP SHOP FOR EVERYTHING CAREGIVING”. CNC is a support group for families taking care of a loved one, compassionate caregivers and anyone in the healthcare industry who supports caregivers and seniors. Family Proud is privileged to be a member of this extraordinary community group based in north San Diego and created out of necessity by one loving caregiver named Kelly Allan. Kelly loves to help others and has found passion in connecting others to resources, caregivers and other organizations.Kelly created Caregiver Networks Club in October of 2017. CNC has blossomed over the years and has helped many caregivers and families find resources for their clients and loved ones. She has also connected with several organizations to support her members with resources, knowledge, and skills to support them. This free organization connects others and creates community.Family Proud is honored to be a guest speaker for Caregiver Networks Club this summer.For more information about the incredible work Kelly is doing or for a list of upcoming meetings and events, please check out the Caregiver Networks Club Website at https://www.onelovingcaregiver.com or email Kelly at onelovingcaregiver@gmail.com.


Technological access has significantly reduced the burden on caregivers due to the ability to manage their loved ones' health from afar. Family Proud is a dynamic tool and support system that can help you simplify your technological needs, so you can feel better equipped to provide the type of care and support that your loved one deserves. Help us to spread the word about the Family Proud app, so we can make a difference in how caregivers can provide support that matters-no matter where they are