What is Family Proud®?

Family Proud® is a care management platform that connects patients and families to a community and resources critical to their care, in a time of need.

What is Your Mission?

To ensure no family need goes unmet.

What is the Family Proud® platform?

The Family Proud® care management platform is an easy to use, secure platform that allows families to communicate to their support network, receive support through our care registry, and communicate with others in similar situations through our peer network. The platform provides a foundation for families to receive support, love and enhance care for their loved one.

Who built Family Proud®?

Family Proud® was built by patients, survivors, and caregivers, for patients, survivors, and caregivers.  Learn more about our story.

I am going through a health adversity and am looking for help.

  • Communicate updates to your support network all in one place on the Family Proud® platform. Get the support you need, when you need it.  Sign up for an account.

I’m supporting a loved one. How can I best help them?

  • Create a Family Proud® account for your loved one, sign up for support tasks, provide a ride or meal, and help with a wellness check. Learn how to support a loved one from afar through remote support.  Sign up for an account.

I want to create a private network for your organization.

We would love to hear from you.  Please contact us at info@familyproud.com.

Can you share more about your partnerships?

  • Nex3
    Family Proud® is a portfolio company of Nex Cubed. Nex Cubed has established itself as a leader in Digital Health, becoming one of the most active Digital Health Investors in the U.S., and recognized as a top 10 Digital Health Accelerator in the world.

  • Pledge 1%
    Pledge 1% is a global movement that encourages and empowers companies of all sizes and stages to donate 1% of their staff time, product, profit, and/or equity to ANY charity of their choosing. Family Proud® is honored to be a Pledge 1% community to help those around us grow.

  • Scale Health
    Family Proud® is a partner with the Scale Health community. Connecting health innovators worldwide Scale Health is home to healthcare and life science startups looking for the resources to grow, succeed, and reinvest in their communities.

  • U.S. Veteran Owned Business
    Family Proud® is honored to be a service-disabled veteran and minority owned small business.

I have some suggestions for Digital Care Experiences:

We would love to hear from you.  Please contact us at info@familyproud.com.

I have some general questions about Family Proud®.

We would love to hear from you.  Please contact us at info@familyproud.com.