January 4, 2022

Duluth Pack Shares Family Proud Mentality

Melissa Sloan

In their article titled “Swapped Stories: Giving Back To Those In Need With Family Proud Inc,” Duluth Pack discusses the origins and motivations behind Family Proud. As Duluth Pack mentions, research has shown that the top cause for bankruptcy in America is medical expenses made out-of-pocket.

Family Proud helps the burden of care fall off of the shoulders of family members and loved ones and allows supporters and caregivers to communicate easily, even if not close geographically.

The article also tells the story of co-founders Jaden Risner and Clay Treska, and how they created Family Proud based on their own experiences with medical hardships, tools they wished they would have had to make getting support easier, and the idea of wanting expand access to community organizations that can help people in need.

Duluth Pack has provided handcrafted, American Made canvas and leather products for more than 135 years. Their mission is simple, straightforward and has never wavered. To handcraft the highest-quality premium American-made canvas and leather outdoor gear, packs, bags, and hunting equipment that is guaranteed for life on all craftsmanship and hardware.

At Duluth Pack, there is a saying. TEAM – Together Everyone Accomplishes More. Duluth Pack aligns itself with partners, companies, and others who have a similar focus and mentality, and we are grateful for their recognition as one such company.

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