July 13, 2023

July Update: Care Assessment

Family Proud Care Assessment

We are excited to introduce the latest extension of Family Proud to our extended community, the Family Proud Care Assessment!Our solution empowers employers to create a supportive work environment while benefiting from valuable insights provided by our care assessment and community platform.Did you know that?

  • Employee retention: Research suggests that companies with caregiver-friendly policies and support programs experience 23% lower turnover rates among employees with caregiving responsibilities. Businesses lose an estimated $31B annually due to turnover related to caregiving responsibilities.
  • Absenteeism: A study by the National Alliance for Caregiving found that caregivers who work report missing an average of six days of work per year due to caregiving responsibilities.
  • Research shows that 83% of employees consider family-friendly benefits and work-life balance programs when deciding on job opportunities

Following the care assessment, Family Proud provides direct support through guidance, training, and partner connectivity, benefiting both employees and their families with time-saving and peace of mind.Please share a workplace you know of that could benefit from our new Family Proud Care Assessment, please reach out to our Family Liaison Program at liaison@familyproud.com.

Platform Update - Updated Push Notifications!Here at Family Proud, we truly do listen to and value your feedback as we continually  strive to make the product best suited to meet the needs of our network. So, thanks in large part to your input, we are excited to announce that we have implemented new and improved push notification capability. Users can now confidently receive push notifications in real time when receiving messages from their supporters, seeing when support tasks are claimed and staying engaged with your loved ones. This provides support for all SMS, email, and mobile push notifications.

Did You Know?

Did you know that caregivers who are 75 years or older provide an average of 34 hours of caregiving per week? The majority of whom tend to care for a close relative or loved one. Together, we can minimize the load taken on by our senior caregivers by informing extended family, friends, and community members about the Family Proud app. We offer an abundance of resources, messaging features, shared circles, and Family Proud direct support to allow our senior caregivers to take a breather.