December 8, 2022

News December 2022

The Simplest Way To Foster Community

Lauren Kelley

December News 🔔

As we begin our year-end wind-down, as I'm sure many of you are as well, we continue to close deals and have good needs to share, and we are more excited than ever for 2023!

  • Google Supports Family Proud with $100K in Cloud Credits
  • Family Proud Recognized as CDC 2022 Grant! Semi-Finalist

🗓 Theme for December

The Simplest Way To Foster Community.
This month's theme targets how Family Proud supports nonprofits in fostering community between their members. Read our blog article to learn more about this month's theme.

🗓 Last Month's Theme

Last month's theme focused on Family Proud from the perspective of those needing support from others. Let us know how else you think we can encourage peer support.

Product Spotlight 🎯

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