November 3, 2022

News November 2022

What to do when you need support 🙏

Lauren Kelley

Intentionally Good Summit

Goodie Nation held the Intentionally Good Summit in Atlanta, GA this month with a focus on driving relationships for founders, investors, coaches, and partners. Goodie Nation has been partnered with the Google Latino Founders Fund in order to distribute funds and leverage their networks and resources to support us since winning the Latino Founders Fund grant earlier this year. Attending the summit enabled Family Proud to support Goodie Nation in their mission to eliminate relationship gaps around people of color and women while getting more visibility into upcoming opportunities and connecting with a broader entrepreneurial network.


From the Roots Up: Stories from the Campfire

On Friday the 21st, several members of the Family Proud team were poised to attend Oncology and Kids (OAK) OAKtober Fundraiser. Stories From the Campfire serves to support OAK’s signature program Camp Reach for the Sky, a free camping adventure for kids affected by cancer along with their siblings. Since this program was established in 1983, over 24,000 kids have benefited from the services and support that Camp Reach for the Stars offers. 

Caregiver Networks Club Annual Picnic in the Park

As members of the Caregiver Networks Club, Family Proud had the opportunity to support and participate in the Caregiver Networks Club Annual Picnic in the Park in Vista, CA. The event was open to anyone supporting caregivers or seniors in the community. 62 people attended the event representing caregivers and various vendors supporting the healthcare and caregiver community. The event was a great success and gave us the ability build some new connections while discussing how we can work with other groups to improve the support we are able to provide through our platform.

C-TAC Summit  

Rounding out the month, Family Proud flew to Washington D.C to attend the C-TAC Summit. This two day conference was an immersive, single-track experience which featured talks, panels, interviews, and roundtables ensuring a mix of learning, sharing and networking. This year’s summit featured major policy influencers that are actively working to move the right levers to make positive change when it comes to those affected by major illness and Family Proud is honored to have been included in this year’s event.