November 3, 2022

The Simplest Way To Rally The Support You Need

Activating Your Community to Receive Care

Melissa Sloan

Let’s face it: life is full of unforeseen circumstances. When something is thrown your way, it is vital to be able to gain the support you need to help you get through a tough time. Family Proud strives to assist you in finding and receiving that support—we believe that no one should feel ashamed to ask for help! Many individuals may feel like a burden asking for help from family and friends, but truthfully, you’ll find that more people in your community and support network are eager to help than you may have imagined. They just need to know how.

When you download the app, Family Proud analyzes your situation and makes recommendations to your support network based on your specific circumstances and preferences. Once you create your account and complete your profile, you can rally the support of your community, allow your support circle to coordinate and collaborate on tasks, engage in groups that align with your circumstances, and find resources you didn’t even know existed. Unlike with a web-based campaign or support page, your support network stays connected and engaged in a persistent digital community.

It’s in our nature to be cared for and supported by our community, especially when so many individuals are ready to help. Family Proud makes it quick and simple to rally that support and activate their care. Check it out for yourself and download Family Proud in your App Store today!