October 6, 2022

The Simplest Way To Show You Care

Supporting others through Family Proud

Melissa Sloan

The truth is, every one of us has experienced having a family member or friend who needed our support in some form or another. While we all want to help others, it can be hard sometimes, especially when we’re short on time and unsure of the best way to help.

Family Proud knows the preferences of people looking for support. Suppose you are a supporter or caregiver of someone going through a rough time or just someone who wants to help your community. In that case, create an account and complete your profile on the Family Proud app.

Once you do so, it makes personalized recommendations to you on ways to help. These recommendations might include opportunities to exchange care packages, ensure those in need always have transportation, or join a peer network with other individuals trying to help. You can also search for someone you know, causes you care about, and organizations you trust to discover new ways to help.

Humanity is at its best when we are helping each other in our time of need. Family Proud makes it quick and simple to do so in a busy world.

Find it out and download Family Proud in your App Store today!