September 29, 2022

What "Family Proud" Means To Me

A Message From Our CEO

Jaden Risner

"What is Family Proud?"

I love answering this question and although the answer has shaped and formed since we first started, the core purpose and mission has never wavered.

I find myself at conferences, in sales meetings, or talking to investors all the time, and I have answered this question a thousand times in the last few years.

What's interesting about what I've found is the sheer number of different ways you can answer this question. What is it to me? What is it to you? The answers may be very different.

For caregivers and family members, Family Proud allows them to reach out, connect with others and ensure support that matters is going to people who are in need. Ensuring supporting our loved ones is as simple as possible.

For the Air Force, it's a way to keep service members actively engaged in supporting one another to increase feelings of connection, belonging, and overall quality of life.

For investors it's an opportunity to be part of a massive impact tech movement specifically starting with the unpaid caregiver market that is going to improve the lives of 42M people in a $50B+ market. The additional segments beyond this are truly global and expansive. There are direct lines into community health impacts, insurtech parallels and future of work.

But for me Family Proud isn't any of these. For me, Family Proud is a chance to be of service. In many ways my life has been defined by service to my country and community and through Family Proud I am provided the ability to commit myself to a mission and purpose greater than myself.

I believe people want to help each other. It can just be hard to know how. And if Family Proud can answer that question for one person today then it will have been worth it.

So what is Family Proud? It is my reason to get up this morning and support someone where I can. I truly believe that if we all live and lead with purpose then we are all better for it.