September 2, 2022

What is Family Proud?

Melissa Sloan

As a society, we can agree that it is vital to be able to gain the support you need to help you get through tough times. Family Proud exists precisely to make it simple, accessible, and straightforward for people and families to get the support they deserve.

Family Proud is the first social platform designed for care. While most social platforms incentivize and reward antisocial behavior, Family Proud promotes prosocial behavior through mutual support.

Family Proud began because our co-founders each endured experiences where they needed the support of their community. However, they found that no good solutions existed that both helped families get the support they needed and brought out the best in people by encouraging them to support others. 

Together, they vowed to make it simpler to give and receive support, not just for families in situations as extreme as their own, but for everyone, and thus, Family Proud was born. To learn more about Family Proud’s origin story, visit

Fundamentally, we believe that people are designed for care, and technology should make it simpler to do so. This is the driving purpose behind our existence. Because of this, we are committed to connecting people who care with people in need to give support that matters. That’s our mission we strive to achieve. We envision a world in which technology will restore, reinforce, and amplify our natural desire to support and care for one another. This is the world we work to create.

To help support this vision, we’ve designed an app that simplifies the process of giving and receiving support for individuals and families. Our platform allows families to rally support, exchange care packages, and find others in similar situations through our peer network.   We are driven by our personal experiences with adversity, like those endured by the families we serve. We are also a service-disabled veteran and minority owned small business.

Check it out for yourself. Download Family Proud in your App Store today!