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The Simplest Way to Show You Care.

Family Proud is the first social platform designed for care. We make it simple to give and receive support from anywhere, creating persistent digital communities. Using technology to amplify the best of humanity we can ensure no family need goes unmet.

Break Free of Facebook and protect member privacy.

Reach your audience at the point of care.

Make programs, services, and resources more accessible relevant.

Increase your organization’s reach
and visibility.

4 Ways to Get Started


Share us as a resource with your audience to let them know you care enough to want to support their success.


Become a Resource on our platform so people can find you and become more aware of the services you provide and the problems you solve.


Create an organization Care Circle to engage with your audience and facilitate peer-to-peer connection and support.


Create a premium organization account to segment your audience into multiple circles, mange what resources and users your members see and use, and leverage in-depth analytics to increase affinity and engagement.