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We'll help you answer the question "How can I help?".

  • Create an account for your loved one, sign up for support tasks, provide a ride or meal and help with a wellness check.

  • Share your story to empower others, or offer to listen and be there for someone in need.

  • Learn how to support a loved one from afar through remote support.


Created by those who understand

For me, as a patient, nothing meant more to me than being connected to my family. But staying connected with them, and keeping them updated was hard — I had to contact everyone individually. If I had Family Proud to help manage these communications, it would have made life so much easier for all of us.

- Clay T.

To me, Family Proud is like having a warmth in my pocket. Knowing that there are resources and a team ready to support me.

- Shannan A.

As a survivor myself, I’ve seen first-hand how the burden of a cancer diagnosis impacts not only patients, but their friends and family as well. Having a tool like Family Proud to keep my care team in the loop, and to make it easy to give and receive support would have made a huge difference.

- Tyler W.

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